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It is recommended that a caravan is serviced by a dealer at the start of every new touring season. To satisfy the warranty on new caravans, servicing is compulsory until the caravan is out of warranty. As you may have a classic or vintage caravan, surely because it is long out of warranty, it doesn't need servicing? Think again.

A routine service checks every aspect of the caravan; from damp checks to brake adjustments and corner steady lubricating to gas pressure testing. Think of it as an MOT for caravans. Caravan dealers typically quote anywhere from £90 - £200 for a service (fixed price per dealer, dealer dependant) and this covers parts and labour. A caravan dealer workshop service is approved by both the National Caravan Council for the UK and the respective caravan manufacturer. A service is a standard procedure at all dealers and they all follow the same checklist set by both the National Caravan Council and the respective caravan manufacturer. However, you can still service parts of your caravan yourself. You do not need fancy electronic gadgets and expensive tools; just some know how and a decent tool set. The good news is that modern caravans are a lot more technically advanced than older caravans - consequently, more basic and simpler servicing is required for older models - so much so that a competent DIY'er can easily carry out their own caravan servicing.

Our listings include:

  • Awnings
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Leaks
  • Safety and Pre-Holiday checks
  • Servicing new and used caravans, campers and motorhomes
  • Drum and electric brake repairs and service
  • Refrigeration repairs - improve efficiency, absorption units, thermostats
  • Weight distribution hitches
  • Security doors supplied and fitted
  • Additional windows supplied and fitted
  • Air conditioning installation and service
  • Roof, door, window and edge mould re-sealing
  • Aerials supplied and fitted
  • Suspension systems - repairs and servicing
  • Solar Systems & Battery Packs

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