Caravan finance

A very specialised arena which not all finance companies understand or will help you with.

Whether you want to spend £50,000 on a brand new 6 berth touring model or £5000 on something more modest you can select from our list of companies to obtain the funding and make your dream a reality. Depending on the age of the caravan you may also be able to obtain longer terms of up to 10 years or with a balloon payment at the end which can make even the most expensive caravan a possibility.

What is caravan insurance?

There are three main types of caravan - and the type of caravan often affects the type of insurance available. The three main types are:

  • static caravans/mobile homes
    caravans that are pitched at specific locations, such as campsites or caravan parks, often on a long-term or permanent basis;
  • touring caravans
    caravans that are towed by motor vehicles and can be transported frequently and to many destinations;
  • motorised caravans/motorhomes
    these are vehicles in their own right and are often built using a truck or van chassis. Subject to acceptance criteria, these caravans may also be covered by standard motor insurance.

Caravans vary enormously - but generally have common features such as living space, and amenities such as cooking and sanitary facilities.

Most caravan insurance policies are designed to cover loss or damage caused by one or more of the following events:

  • fire
  • theft or attempted theft
  • extreme weather conditions
  • accidental damage
  • malicious damage
  • third party liability.
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