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The average cost of a new touring caravan is between £15,000 and £20,000, but some top-end models go for far more than that. Or you could get a used caravan for approximately £10,000.

Costs vary depending on size and make but to purchase any type of caravan you are likely to require a lot of savings.

Many people are unlikely to have this sort of money spare or may not want to dip into their savings.

That makes finance a popular option, as you can spread the cost over time with regular repayments.

In the same way as when you buy a car, it is possible to choose how you do this. There are dealerships and lenders that will arrange finance, such as specialist loans or hire purchase agreements. Alternatively, a more flexible and potentially cheaper route is to look for a personal loan.

This effectively makes you a cash buyer and the ability to pay immediately can deliver extra negotiating power on a purchase.

Dealers and specialist providers will assess your creditworthiness and the value of your purchase and offer you rates for hire purchase or loans. But limiting yourself to one provider, or the dealer you are buying from can mean missing out on hunting for better deals from the wider market.

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